Montekikis Kimbaly


Vater: Ascent Jackpot (MCO n 22 03)
Mutter: Montekikis Naranji (MCO f 22)

Farbe:  black-tabby/white
(MCO ns 09 22)


= n/n

Herz-/Nieren Schall 11/2020

ohne Befund

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Montekiki’s Beauty Girl


Vater: Bandit vom Trail Hunter
(MCO ds 11)
Mutter: Altin Star Lavender Sky
(MCO ns 09 25)

Farbe: black-silver-torbie-cl. (MCO fs 22)

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Montekiki’s Magic


Vater: Joker vom Trailhunter
(MCO ds 11)
Mutter: Forest Lynx Irene
(MCO gs 11)

Farbe:  red-silver-shell
(MCO ds 12)

Dancing Queen of Silver Glean


Xion of Silver Glean (MCO n 22)
Mutter: Yala of Silver Glean (MCO f)

Farbe:  black
(MCO n)

Mija vom Trail Hunter


Montekiki’s Vegas (MCO as 25)
Mutter: Jelly vom Trail Hunter (MCO f)

Farbe:  black-silver-tabby-cl.
(MCO ns 22)

Fragglerocks Snow White


Vater: Tempio Felinox Game of Thrones (MCO ns 11)
Mutter: Winter Rose of Wild Distance (MCO fs)

Farbe:  black-silver-shaded.
(MCO ns 11)


Montekiki’s Yane


Vater: vom Trail Hunter Joker
 (MCO ds 11)
Mutter: PercyDercy Arkiza (MCO ns 09)

Farbe:  black-tortie-smoke
(MCO fs)
= n/n
07.05.2023 Wörth
V1 nom.für BIS

Waikiki of Delia’s Castle


JokerCoon Hermit (MCO ns 09 25)
Mutter: Zunami of Delia’s Castle (MCO n 22)

Farbe:  black-tabby-cl./white
(MCO n 09 22)

Montekiki’s Tikanee


Vater: Iorek Mandalorian (MCO ns 25)
Mutter: Altin Star Lavander Sky, (MCO ns 09 25)

Farbe:  black-spotted-tabby/white
(MCO n 09 24)


Bubbles of Mömpelgard


Victory Albus Garfield (MCO d 22)
Mutter: Nami Femeli Kong (MCO ns 09 23)

Farbe:  black-torbie/white
(MCO f 09 22)